Ecabiotec Middle East Manufacturing LLC was established with the goal of offering a high grade, biological Made In the U.A.E disinfection line using patented ECALIT technology monitored from Germany, to producebiologically human identical, environmentally friendly, non-toxic germ reduction solutions; while also providing any necessary consulting and industrial utilities upon requirement.

Our ANOSAN product line spans the highest grade in multi-spectrum disinfection of surfaces, air, and water; without promoting resistance in bacteria and viruses, deodorizing and suppressing dust and other allergens.

No treatment gaps are left with our line which works indiscriminately as a microbiocide, virucide and fungicide - covering hard to control viruses and spores such as Legionella, MERS and airborne Ebola.

Ecabiotec products are pH neutral, non-toxic, and non-residual needing no rinse or control of any kind after use; and promote no resistance in bacteria and viruses to remain highly effective indefinitely and the ethical choice ecosystemically.

Dubai Municipality DIN CE ISO9001 GOGREEN DVGW German Technology

Human identical, biological solutions for superior, industrial grade results in disinfection

All developed ecabiotec® products are safe for humans, animals and the environment. Removing and controlling all:

  • Bacteria including Legionella 
  • Viruses including MERS & Ebola
  • Fungi including mould and algae
  • Spores 

ANOSAN® reduces microorganisms within a minute to:

Reduction of Bacteria 99.999%

Reduction of Fungi 99.99%

Reduction of Viruses 99.99%

Reduction of Spores 99.99%




ANOSAN TW® immediately eliminates all legionella, bacteria and viruses in flowing water while removing biofilm accumulation in pipes of any kind. 



ANOSAN ECO® can be nebulized as a cold mist enclosed spaces covering hard to reach areas with surface disinfection methods, covering potential treatment gaps and strong deodorization. For large areas with ongoing disinfection needs, ANOSAN ECO® is completely safe and in fact health promoting in ventilation with allergen relief and dust suppression. 



ANOSAN® can be used for disinfection of floors, rooms, hospitals, food processing equipment, etc. Specialty surfaces such as grass courses are also covered with ANOSAN ROYAL GREEN®


  • Buildings
  • Green Areas / Sports
  • Horeca
  • Mold Removal
  • Facilities
  • Beverage Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Food Processing
  • Lakes & Pools
  • Livestock
  • Industry