ANOVET® NATURAL DISINFECTION: Milestones & Testimonials in Our Course of Action

11 June 2017   ANOVET

Launched originally in October at ADIHEX 2016, ANOVET® Natural Disinfection has established itself as pioneering product in veterinary disinfectants, aligning with Dubai’s 2020 vision for a green economy and presenting the highest innovation through redefining application possibilities and safety with a single product.

In collaborating participation with German Standard Group, VetME offered an additional spotlight which took ANOVET® to a wider market beyond the falcon market and exotic animals which were the first niches to find immediate value in a safe product suitable for sensitive and expensive animals. With further critical concerns such as prevention of infection and the benefit of no evacuation needed with disinfection, ANOVET®’s growing market preference in natural and hypoallergenic disinfection is continuing to grow and opening Ecabiotec Middle East to more diverse partnerships in the veterinary field.

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