Your reliable partners
in full spectrum
biological disinfection;

Human identical, biological solutions
for superior
industrial-grade results
in disinfection.

All developed ecabiotec® products are safe for humans, animals and the environment. Removing and controlling all:

  • Bacteria including Legionella 
  • Viruses including MERS & Ebola
  • Fungi including mould and algae
  • Spores
  • Reduction of Bacteria 99.999%
  • Reduction of Fungi 99.99%
  • Reduction of Viruses 99.99%
  • Reduction of Spores 99.99%


•       Food Processing
•       Industry
•       HORECA
•       Beverage Industry
•       Lakes & Pools

Ecabiotec® is represented in many business areas & markets via specialized products to cater effectively to their market area.


ANOSAN® can be used for disinfection of floors, rooms, hospitals, food processing equipment, etc. Specialty surfaces such as grass courses are also covered with ANOSAN ROYAL GREEN®


ANOSAN ECO® can be nebulized as a cold mist enclosed spaces covering hard to reach areas with surface disinfection methods, covering potential treatment gaps and strong deodorization. For large areas with ongoing disinfection needs, ANOSAN ECO® is completely safe and in fact health promoting in ventilation with allergen relief and dust suppression.


ANOSAN TW® immediately eliminates all legionella, bacteria and viruses in flowing water while removing biofilm accumulation in pipes of any kind.